“I try to network my ass off now and work with anyone who’s willing and has a nice sound and is serious about their craft.”

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Skilly: Where did this all start? Tell us about your journey in the entertainment business.
I came up hustling, I never really wanted to be a rapper/emcee. It just kinda happened and it was something that came easy for me. Growing up I was real big on BBD and LL Cool J, but it was Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic that really started me kicking flow. I used to rhyme forever to that album. After a while I just ended up buying some recording equipment from my hustle money to test the waters and see if people were feeling what I had to say.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for the young kids out there trying to do what you do?
My biggest piece of advice is to just be you and never let up. Don’t go out there trying to be Young Thug or 21 Savage, go out there and be you because originality is the shit; originality is dope. If this is truly what you want to do with your life, then go out perfect your craft. Never let anyone get in your way and work as hard as you can.

What are some of the hardest challenges and tasks in your position?
The hardest challenge I face is getting out of that local bubble and being heard by the rest of the world. The local radio station won’t help or facilitate a way of getting locals heard. I try to network my ass off now and work with anyone who’s willing and has a nice sound and is serious about their craft.

We all know the entertainment business is very tough, but what do you find is the best way to promote and advertise your music?
To me the best way to promote or to advertise is to be out and interacting with fans and people who don’t know who you are. Social media is a great tool as well especially for day to day activities when you can’t be out and about or when you want to capture fans with your videos.

Tell us about your city. How are the artists and the fans?
I love my city and keep it near and dear to my heart. We’ve gone from having a few hundred rap artists and a ton of venues to having a thousands of artists with only a few venues who barely support. One thing I do wish would change is that I would like to see the artists support each other instead of hating on the next man.

Where do you see yourself a year from today?
We’ve accomplished so much in our first year as a legit independent label. I see myself touring, getting my name out, and building my brand and this empire. We all hope for that lottery pick. I can’t wait for that moment to occur, I can’t wait to get lucky so I gotta be out here pushing every day to achieve these goals.

Who and what were your biggest inspirations? Who do you look up to in today’s world?
I will and have always looked up to my mom. She’s one of my biggest inspirations. I look to my family, my kids, and I look to those beside me for drive and inspiration. Why? Because they come from what I come from. They have been through some of the same shit I have been through.

How do you feel about the music coming out today? Do you like it?
While I’m not a big fan of some of the current music coming out by the newer artists, I still respect their hustle and their ability to perfect their craft the way they choose to. I feel that some of the best rap/hip hop music to come out was between the years of 1992-2012, but there are so many dope projects and dope artists killing it now.

Where can we contact you and find you online?
Official website: www.corillarecords.com/xodeviousox
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/kingdevious
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kingdevious/posts/1552766918087775
Instagram: www.instagram.com/devious_co.rilla_records