“My greatest challenge is finding people who are as passionate about my music as I am.”

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Skilly: How were you able to start your journey in the entertainment business? Where did this all start?
I became a rap artist on accident. I witnessed my brother get stabbed when I was in the 8th grade and the very next day I had to go to school. I was listening to my MP3 player and got upset with myself. I sank into the fetal position and started writing out how I felt. During my writing process I could still hear the beat in my headphones and when I finished I had unintentionally written my first rap song.

What are some of the creative ways you use to promote your music?
As far as promoting my music I am pretty similar in a lot of ways to other artists, but if I had to say there was something I do that I don’t see other artists do is to have my fans send me stuff in the mail where I then sign it and send it back to them. It’s a small gesture but it makes me feel a strong connection to my fan base.

What is the greatest challenge you face in today’s entertainment business? How do you overcome them?
My greatest challenge is finding people who are as passionate about my music as I am. I rarely find a beat producer that can keep up with me, or a sound engineer that can give me the studio time I need. I am way too active in my music for a lot of people I interact with.

How is the music scene like in your hometown? What do you like about it and what don’t you like?
I absolutely love and admire the local artists in my hometown. They are all extremely talented and have ridiculous drive. In a city with an ever increasing crime and poverty rate the fact that there are still people willing to express themselves freely makes me happy.

Where do you think the future of music is going to be? How do you feel artists can be more a part of it?
I feel the future of music is drifting more towards personable artists, if you can’t write a song your fans can relate to then why do you think your fans want to stick with you? I make music for my fans and every single song I release is aimed to help my fans feel them not just listen to them.

What advice can you give to other upcoming artists and musicians trying to achieve success?
I would tell people to focus on your music and making it perfect before showing it to people. By releasing songs and pushing it to people before you have perfected your craft can definitely drive people away from wanting to hear more from you in the future. I would encourage inviting people to watch you grow.

What inspires you to write your next song?
I used to write just for myself and it was my only outlet for my emotions. After seeing how much impact my music has had on other people’s lives it has become my life’s calling. I don’t intentionally set out to push a new song, I just constantly feel the itch to create new material and that guides my progress as an artist.

What are the steps you take to make a song?
Firstly I listen to beats for hours on end, if I don’t love the beat I can’t write to it effectively. After selecting the beat I turn it up all the way and shut myself in a room somewhere and turn it on repeat for a couple hours. When the entire song is finished I practice it a couple times and then it’s off to the recording phase.

What do you think makes a great song?
Music is all about touching people with just a beat and some words, so for a song to be called great it must have a couple of things going for it. It must be timeless, it must force you to listen, and finally a great song is one that can be listened to 100’s of times and then you still find hidden meaning in the lines when you listen to it even if you know every word.

Where can we connect with you? Can you give us your social media links and where we can contact you?
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/zacharyvick
Facebook: www.facebook.com/voicenationofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ZacharyVick
Instagram: www.instagram.com/voicenationofficial