Too Short was sentenced to a 90-day jail sentence on Wednesday (July 15)… because he didn’t want probation.

The rapper (real name: Todd Anthony Shaw) was busted on a DUI charge back in 2013. Interestingly, he actually tried to flee from police, but was apprehended.

Despite having multiple DUIs on his record, he escaped jail time, after agreeing to complete community service and three years of probation.

However, he appeared in court on Wednesday, because he failed to complete his community service obligations, reports TMZ.

Short was offered an extension and three more years of probation, but opted to serve jail time instead, because he didn’t want to report to a probation officer any longer.

So, he was immediately hauled off to jail for 90 days.

Due to jail overcrowding, he’ll likely be released sooner than later.

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