Can you really make money in music today? Certainly, and the industry is ripe with examples of rags to riches stories of talented individuals who create their music and turn it into the life they dream of.

“I’ve been producing for 15 years, but these results are way too amazing and way TOO FAST! I’m selling beats daily and my catalog is everything…”

Skilly Magazine is privileged to premier the release of Dr. Drum Beat Maker, the new program for all platforms (PC, MAC, Mobile etc.) that allows anyone to create professional beats in a matter of minutes. This amazing software sums up an entire $100,000 studio into a program that allows you to have the exact same quality and outcome, but in a fraction of the time. We are happy to introduce this new product exclusively to our subscribers and readers.

“My dream was to produce music full time, now it’s more than a reality, it’s every day…”


You may download Dr. Drum on the form below! If you are having troubles downloading the program, please contact our tech support at

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