“The more work you put into your career, the more leverage you have to control most of your material.”

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Skilly: Tell us where this all began. What is your history in the music scene?
The Agency Operative:
I began writing at a young age. It first began when I would write in my diary. As I grew older my writing skills turned into lyrics. By 12 I was writing lyrics. At 16 I realized that I had a gift and needed to focus more on mastering my skills. By the time I was 21 my music skills were evolving. By 2010 I made my first single “So Hot.” In 2011 my first album came out, Episode 1: Guerrilla Tactics. My current album that is out is Episode 2: Agent on a Mission.

What are the best ways to promote yourself as an artist? Any tips you can give us?
Internet is one of the best resources to promote yourself. I feel as though doing shows is always the best way to market yourself. Doing interviews to promote your upcoming albums does make a difference in marketing.

What do you ultimately want to become in your career?
I just want to be established where music is full-time and I answer to no one. My career goal is to be free to make music.

What is the hardest thing about being in the music business?
The hardest thing about music business is being independent. Being independent is not cheap. Understanding the music business on how it works is hard. Trying to profit off of streaming is still a difficult task.

What is it like in your city? What is the music scene like, and how is it like living there overall?
The music scene is pretty open to the public. The city I live in is Trenton, NJ. One of the biggest events that we hold is the Art All Night that opens every summer. It is a display of artwork and live performances. Living in NJ is something you get used to after a while. I’ve lived in NJ for 30 years.

What are some of advice you can give and share to other artists who are still trying to come up?
The one thing artists need to have is a catalog. It is always best to have your business established so you have a better understanding of the business. The more work you put into your career, the more leverage you have to control most of your material. People will look to partner with you instead of taking advantage of you. Business is all about networking.

What is the best thing that’s ever happened in your career?
Getting advice from an artist Raja Shawri. She always told me to keep making music and don’t give up. She told me that she quit her job when the music dream is real.

What is your inspiration?
What is inspiring is that feeling to know that you are just always one more song away from reaching the next level. Inspiration is believing in your material and the hope of the vision I have for my career.

Do you feel anyone can be successful now in today’s world of music?
Yes. Music is now do it yourself. The internet has made the world smaller. Artists can now run their own business. Sooner or later it will be the end for the label. Each year the internet presents more and more opportunities and options to promote yourself. If you have the talent, you can be heard.

Where can we find you on social media?
Official website: www.theagencyheadquarters.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/agencyhq
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AgencyHQ
Twitter: www.twitter.com/theagencyhq
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aooperationhq