T.I. stirred up some controversy this week, when he told Hot 97 that he hasn’t spoken to Iggy Azaleain some time and even stepped back from her situation.

Taken back, Iggy herself took to Twitter to respond, saying she was unaware the two had an “issue.”

Now, following the headlines, TIP further addressed his relationship with hisĀ protege, clarifying that they’re still cool.

“That’s still my partner,” he told the AP. “Her life has taken her in a different direction. My life is still as it was before. But Iggy is doing what she feels makes Iggy happy. That’s what she should do. We’re focused on making the next Iggy record and dodge the same adversities we faced last time.”

TIP goes on to say that he was just giving Iggy Azalea some space.

“It’s definitely not a ‘sever my ties, walk away, I’m upset’ thing,” he explained. “It was more like, ‘OK. You have a lot on your plate right now. I’m going to pull back or wait until you come to a place where you’re ready to come back to the table, so we can start again and make history some more.’ ”

T.I. has been making his media rounds, in support of a new EP called Da Nic.

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