Suge Knight’s lawyer, via a signed affidavit, says Suge knows who killed the rap legend while adding that Suge himself was actually the intended target of the hit. In a new documentary about Pac’s death titled Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton, Suge’s lawyer Thaddeus Culpepper claims the rap mogul’s ex-wife Sharitha and Death Row Records security chief Reggie Wright Jr. were behind the infamous drive-by shooting reports WENN.


“When our book came out and we were working on the movie, we gave the salient points of the book (Tupac: 187 The Red Knight) to Thaddeus Culpepper, who read them to Suge Knight,” explained Tupac Assassination co-director Richard Bond. “Suge’s initial response was, ‘Who the hell are these guys?’ He admitted to Culpepper that the theories in the movie were true.”

According to the film, the shooting of Tupac was an attempted coup of Death Row Records.