Spotify has expanded its range of services beyond music, by adding videos, news and podcasts.

The is trying to take a bigger slice of the streaming music biz, which continues to grow. Digital music subscriptions last year reportedly generated $1.6 billion in sales globally, up 39% from 2013.

New Spotify content will include short videos from companies such as Vice, NBC, Comedy Central and Nerdist Industries, as well as popular shows and original content.

The moves follows the addition of new rivals to the space, including Jay Z’s controversial TIDAL service. Also, Apple is expected to enter the fray with a new streaming service of their own, following its$3 billion purchase of Beats.

Spotify currently offers a free, ad-supported service, plus a premium $10-a-month version boasting unlimited access to its catalog without commercial interruptions. About 15 million people pay for the premium version.

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