Shia LaBeouf is back with more bars. After dropping his “5 Fingers of Death” freestyle on Sway in the Morning, he throws shots at Drake and Lil Yachty in a new one for The Breakfast Club.

The freestyle starts off with disses aimed at Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Drizzy. “First lame’s first, Rosenberg’s the oldest turd / He knows he’s dirt, chasing relevance, holes in shirt,” he starts, before adding: “You’re a waste, man, faker than Drake’s Jamaican accent / Old as f*ck, dog, you’re past tense / Stagnet, sure don’t miss you when you’re absent / You’re lackin’ / To Sway and Charlamagne, you’re a fraction.”

Elsewhere, he took aim squarely at Lil Yachty. “This whole thing’s a bit absurd,” raps Shia. “But on my word, this Boat about to get this work / You spit that dirt I’m Kurt Cobain, squirt / Extra extrovert / You better protect your shirt, you bird.”

“This a murder, this is tragedy, man,” Shia later adds. “He’s like Lil Romeo meets Raggedy Anne / Sorry kids, I got hard with this .. Yachty don’t know Notorious / Story is, he’s sort of sh*t.”

Shia eventually calls Yachty out by his government name, saying he’s “heard enough of Miles Park McCollum.”