Breaking onto the scene in 2011 with the viral hit “Gucci Gucci,” female rapper Kreayshawn is reportedly in financial troubles. The Bay Area rapper took to the twitter-sphere this week and claimed that the IRS seized her remaining funds in her bank account and now she’s flat broke.

“Can’t believe the day came. The IRS wiped my whole bank account clean. 4 days before X-mas. I’m completely devastated,” she tweeted in a tweet that’s now been deleted.

She’s placing blame on her accountant for taking her money instead of paying her taxes. An unfortunate situation that many artists are all too familiar with. “I did ‘pay my taxes except instead of my accountant paying them he took the money for taxes and never filed and robbed me,” Kreayshawn writes. “So now I have to pay taxes from 2011 now.”

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