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Did you know the majority of independent music artists and labels do not have their paperwork together?

Never worry about legal issues again! Keep your record label and music career professional and legitimate with Skilly Academy’s Record Label Contracts Bundle with over 50 music industry contracts available for download and customization.

The Record Label Contracts Bundle includes over 50 contracts, agreements, forms, paperwork, licenses and documents to secure your music label.

If you make music, this is a necessity for your career.

The Record Label Contracts Bundle includes:

For Artists

  • Royalty & Publishing Sharing Contracts
  • Artist Booking Contracts
  • Artist Collaboration Agreement Contracts
  • Artist and Producer Agreements
  • Artist and Manager Agreements
  • Movie License Rights
  • Copyright Licenses
  • Commercial Licensing Contracts
  • Event Sponsorship Contracts
  • Event / Performance / Venue Contracts
  • International Marketing & Music Contracts
  • Payment Obligation Contracts
  • And much more!

For Producers

  • Production Agreement Contracts
  • Producer & Artist Agreement Contracts
  • Producer & Management Contracts
  • Masters & Receipts
  • Studio Charges Agreements
  • Producer Royalties Contracts
  • And much more!

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