Jay Z recently featured on Pusha T’s new single “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” How did the collaboration happen?

In a recent interview with Genius, King Push explains how the track came to be. He says his emails convinced Jay to jump on the song telling him they needed to address conservative political analyst Tomi Lahren who blasted both him and his wife Beyonce.

“The news reporter that called you a 14-year drug dealer, this was the inspiration behind it,” Pusha T wrote in the first email to Jay. “Here’s my verse. I left some extra beat for you. Let me know what you think either way.”

Jay responded with surprise and hesitancy writing back, “WTF? Why you taking me to a dark place? Now I’m going to grow my hair out to be on this track with you…”

From there Pusha tells Hov the song would be good for the culture. “Man, there’s nothing wrong with telling ghost stories,” he says. “We need them. We love them. We love these things.”

Ultimately Jay jumped on the track and the rest is history.