“Rather than allow negative things to overwhelm me, I harness them and use them as a driving force.”

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Skilly: How were you able to start your journey in the entertainment business? Where did this all start?
My journey in the entertainment industry began as a kid. Around the age of 10 I got into hip hop and soon after I began writing rhymes and freestyling to instrumental CDs. It wasn’t until 2011 and the rise of social media and platforms like Soundcloud that i really began to take music serious and started to pursue it as a career.

730: It all started from a simple idea.

What are some of the creative ways you use to promote your music?
730: Mostly social media, nothing too crazy. I might have a few secrets, but we won’t let those out the bag.

Phntm: Some of the creative ways we use to promote our music are social media and guerrilla marketing; creating promotional fliers, stickers and paste ups and posting/passing them to whoever and wherever we can.

What is the greatest challenge you face in today’s entertainment business? How do you overcome them?
Phntm: Personally, the greatest challenge I’ve faced in today’s entertainment business is the over saturation of artists all battling to be heard. I overcome them by ensuring that I put out the best product and not focusing too much on what everyone else is doing.

730: Just riding the right following, it’s something you just have to grind through.

How is the music scene like in your hometown? What do you like about it and what don’t you like?
730: It’s okay, we have a few artists that have crossed over from local to national. I love that there’s so many good artists but hate the lack of unity in the city.

Phntm: The music scene in my hometown is thriving. I like that there’s an abundance of different venues to perform and promote yourself.

Where do you think the future of music is going to be? How do you feel artists can be more a part of it?
Phntm: I think music will only continue to flourish and become more artist driven as we head into the future as more and more independent artists emerge. I also believe artists will play a larger role in society and become a voice for their communities.

730: I don’t know where it’s headed honestly, just do you in the end. That’s what’s important.

What advice can you give to other upcoming artists and musicians trying to achieve success?
730: Just put the music out and stay consistent, people get bored really quick.

Phntm: Some advice I would give to upcoming artists would be to believe in themselves and in their capabilities. To focus on the positives and not allow negative circumstances to derail them from accomplishing that which they set out to. Also, to stay consistent and know that opportunity is created more so than waited upon.

What inspires you to write your next song?
Phntm: My life experiences are what inspire all of my music, especially negative situations. Rather than allow negative things to overwhelm me, I harness them and use them as a driving force.

730: My everyday life and the people around me.

What are the steps you take to make a song?
730: Find a beat, build a melody, then write and fill in the blanks along the way.

Phntm: There aren’t very many steps I take to write a song. When inspiration strikes I either pull out my phone or grab a notebook and pencil. The challenge for me lies in the production, all which I do myself and am still in the process of learning.

What do you think makes a great song?
Phntm: To me the biggest factors in making a great song are passion and originality. Music is an art from, a form of expression and I believe when an artist is true to themselves it shows in their music.

730: A banging ass beat and good lyrics.

Where can we connect with you? Can you give us your social media links and where we can contact you?
730: Follow me @lilblackbag on Instagram/Snapchat and on Twitter @730WAN.

Phntm: Follow me @Phntm_Mnce on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Official website: www.whisperatnight.com
Bandcamp: www.whisperatnight.bandcamp.com/releases