“Lots of people will be trying to steer you a certain direction, but in the end it’s always your decision. When you’re writing material make sure it’s how you want to be represented.”

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Skilly: Where did this all start? Tell us about your journey in the entertainment business.
When the high school talent show came up we got together with Sarah’s boyfriend played a Gotye cover and from there it was just us slowly figuring out a mutual interest in music. The process of our debut EP was arduous. It was all on my equipment in the dead of winter, usually in the freezing SWOSU auditorium. We’d go there to get away from any distractions and just listen to the vastness of that room which shaped the sound of that album a lot.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for the young kids out there trying to do what you do?
Sarah: Take lessons while you can! The sooner you start the sooner you can make a career out of what you love. Lots of people will be trying to steer you a certain direction, but in the end it’s always your decision. When you’re writing material make sure it’s how you want to be represented. Never do it half-hearted.

What are some of the hardest challenges and tasks in your position?
Dakota: My biggest issue is having the people around you, especially those in the industry, trust that you’re a legitimate talent. So much of my time is spent trying to get our feet off the ground and gain respect.

Sarah: People constantly wanting us to change our sound because they prefer another genre. Trying to convey our meaning accurately has been pretty difficult when it comes to people who want to hear a certain type of music.

We all know the entertainment business is very tough, but what do you find is the best way to promote and advertise your music?
Dakota: Thank sweet baby Jesus for the online resources artists have now. However, because they’re all drowning in artists trying to be heard, normally I’ve found physical methods are still the best way. Get to know the people around you. I’ve found that the people who really care more often are those you’ve shaken hands with.

Tell us about your city. How are the artists and the fans?
Dakota: Weatherford isn’t necessarily a hotbed of contemporary musical acts and talents, but there are a few really good people here. When we do get the opportunity to play with another group here it’s always positive and chill, even when we’re competing. The fans are the same way, they talk to you as if they’d known you for years.

Where do you see yourself a year from today?
Sarah: With a full length album out. Our plan about this time next year is to be on tour. I also want to expand our reach out of Oklahoma.

Who and what were your biggest inspirations? Who do you look up to in today’s world?
Some of our favorite artists in the contemporary scene are Half Moon Run and Lana Del Rey. Our sound’s influenced a lot by past bands too like Fleet Foxes and the softer more intimate side of Led Zeppelin’s music.

How do you feel about the music coming out today? Do you like it?
We like that music’s becoming more adventurous lately. The electronic scene started out as a vacuous, sort of superficial type of music. Newer popular artists have found ways to make it so much deeper and emotionally engaging. Artists are trying several different genres and we think fans are slowly becoming so much more open to all types of music.

Where can we contact you and find you online?
Official Site: www.fullyovergrown.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fullyovergrown
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fullyovergrown
Instagram: www.instagram.com/fullyovergrown
Bandcamp: www.fullyovergrown.bandcamp.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/fullyovergrown