“I’m finalizing my plans to move 1,448 miles away sometime around the beginning of 2018 summer.”

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Skilly: Where did this all start? Tell us about your journey in the entertainment business.
Na$ty Nick:
I was always the kid constantly listening to music and the homies that I hung out with all vibe to the same music. I started recording in high school with my two homies P-Will and SB. Once we did a couple songs we knew we wanted to be involved in the music scene, so that’s when we created our own group called The Gold Souls. Since then we have been putting out music as a group and individually.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for the young kids out there trying to do what you do?
My biggest piece of advice to the young kids is don’t ever give up but always remain true to yourself. Do your best to ignore all of the negativity that may come along with the process, but always keep grinding. The time and effort you put into your work will be worth it in the end. The passion you will develop for the art of making music will drive you to do your absolute best and to evolve.

What are some of the hardest challenges and tasks in your position?
The hardest challenges for me have been, to name two, promoting myself as well as staying focused. It’s been a real challenge to build my fan base both in Maine and worldwide. Being 19, almost 20, life is hard and I have had to remind myself time and time again to just keep it up. I work almost every day, I have family, friends, a girlfriend, and pets; life isn’t simple anymore.

We all know the entertainment business is very tough, but what do you find is the best way to promote and advertise your music?
The best way for me to promote my music is mainly through social media. Social media plays a big role in today’s world. Every track I have done goes on Soundcloud and then I make sure to share it so everyone knows. Gold Souls is on every social media format that gets regularly updated. I’m lucky because I have a good crew behind me that always promotes my songs. I’m working on a new promoting style that I will be settling into soon.

Tell us about your city. How are the artists and the fans?
I grew up in the small town of Pownal, Maine. Pownal doesn’t have a lot of people first off and Maine doesn’t have a lot of people into hip hop so it was hard to get the initial support and build my fan base. That’s why P-Will, SB, and I really got into making music. We learned that by combining our voices and individual talents we could make some of the best, if not the best, music in Maine.

Where do you see yourself a year from today?
Hopefully a year from now I’ll be in Florida so my team can really show what we came to do. My boy P-Will is out there going to school and making music so I plan to go out there and go forward from there. A year from now Gold Souls should be reunited. SB has plans to make her way to Florida. I’m finalizing my plans to move 1,448 miles away sometime around the beginning of 2018 summer. I can’t wait to make the move and keep it up.

Who and what were your biggest inspirations? Who do you look up to in today’s world?
Some of my inspirations today are more of the newer artists that have been coming up; Famous Dex, Nav, Lil Uzi, XXXtentacion. I listened to a lot of these guys before they blew up so watching their process and growth motivates me. I am frequently inspired by a lot of new-age artists along with the goals I have for myself. The music I listen to has a large impact on the style of music that I produce.

How do you feel about the music coming out today? Do you like it?
The new music that’s been coming out is a lot different than it was 20 years ago and we all know that. I think the new wave of artists with the different styles like Lil Uzi, Famous Dex, Playboi Carti, all have a new sound, a new wave. I do like most of the music being produced recently.

Where can we contact you and find you online?
Twitter: nick_wilson21
Instagram: NastyNickGS_Official