Mega trio Migos were kicked off a Delta flight on Friday July 7, 2017, and they’re claiming it was racial profiling. The trio boarded a flight scheduled to take off from Atlanta; however, there was some sort of issue and they were booted.

Migos’ manager told TMZ that all members fell asleep in first class. Takeoff was told to put his backpack in the overhead compartment, but he didn’t hear the instructions because he was asleep. Despite the aircraft being already on the runway, the pilot decided to boot Takeoff because the bag was still on the floor.

Delta ultimately rebooked Migos on an alternate flight, and Migos confirmed this shortly after posting a video on Instagram saying that Delta gave them an entire plane to themselves.

Below a video published by TMZ where Migos is seen arguing with Delta employees on the jetway and their manager is heard saying the incident was clearly racial profiling.