Floyd Mayweather’s final fight… against Andre Berto… looks like it may be a flop.

With the fight set to take place at the MGM Grand this weekend, word is, there’s a ton of seats still left –more than 2,100 seats available, actually.

The poor sales have been credited to the lack of interest in Mayweather’s opponent. Berto has lost three of his last six fights, and many don’t actually believe this fight (Mayweather’s 49th) will be his last… because another win after this would allow him to pass Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0.

Furthermore, figures released Thursday (Sept. 10) by the Nevada Athletic Commission revealed that Mayweather will earn a minimum guarantee of $32 million the fight, while Berto will earn a career-high $4 million.

Mayweather-Berto is set for September 12.

Will you be watching?

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