“I love the state of hip-hop, young people making money doing what they love and not beholden to an old standard. The new wave is colorful and expressive. It’s dope.”

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SKILLY: Tell us what you’ve been up to in your music career?
MadFlo: I’ve been building. Just being consistent and putting out quality music. I spent most of the year learning the business like the importance of publishing and ownership. I study a lot of the people who came before me, what they did and what they didn’t do and use it to push the Tribal Kingdom to the top. My EP series “Mad At The World” is on the fourth chapter, it’s called “The Miseducation of JR”.

So you released a project in January titled “MATW IV: The Miseducation of JR EP”. Anything you want to share with us about the project?
This is the fourth chapter in the “Mad At The World” series, and it is a homage to Lauryn Hill’s album. It’s a love story that encompasses every aspect of what happens to most people. Most people fall in love and at first, it’s all kittens and puppies. After that phase is over, people are more comfortable and that’s when problems arise. The guy is probably unfaithful, the woman is probably insecure or doesn’t trust the man and they fight. But when it’s real, they forgive each other and get back together. So it’s definitely something women would prefer over men. But the first three EP’s all focused on different sides of my personality, so for this one, I focused on my intimate side and I call that side of me Mister Love.

If you were to sum up your 2017 in one word, what would it be?

How’s your relationship with your audience evolved this year?
It’s gotten stronger. I have widened my audience more than the previous year by staying consistent and being transparent. I don’t put up a front of being some perfect artist or making it seem like I got it all figured out. Day by day, I learn new things and I’m still developing as an artist. I got a lot more growing to do, and as I grow, my audience will grow with me.

Any projects you’re working on right now? Anything you can tell us?
Right now, I’m putting my focus on the MATW 4 project, I just put it out a month ago, but I’m always working in the studio. MATW 5 should be out this fall with a whole new chapter and another side of Mad to explore. You can expect some freestyles and new videos real soon.

What’s your creative process like?
All of my music is real and has a personal feel to it. So I write music or words as things happen. I might write a whole song in the middle of eating some food or put a bar in my notes and come back to it when can. When I’m in the studio I usually got some Hennessy or Dusse” and little joint to keep me in my mode. (Laughs)

What’s your perspective on the current state of the industry?
I love the state of hip-hop, young people making money doing what they love and not beholden to an old standard. The new wave is colorful and expressive. It’s dope.

Any tours, shows, and gigs this year?
I’m working with some different companies and working out those details. I might put together a small tour this year, anything is possible.

What’s in store for 2018?
2018 is all about moving forward and doing the work no matter what’s in front of us. We gonna handle it and keep moving. Expect more growth.

Can we get a link to your EP?
MATW IV: The Miseducation Of JR EP: https://mxtpz.me/a/157228 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madflojr/
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