“So if you want it, take it, or there will always be somebody else chasing that same dream.”

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Skilly: How were you able to start your journey in the entertainment business? Where did this all start?
Madd Raxx:
It all started back when I was 16, I put out a mixtape that I cut in my garage all in one day. Even before then I had already been writing for years, but that’s the age I realized I could actually make something out of my music. I’ve just been using my hustle mentality to push towards making this dream a reality.

What are some of the creative ways you use to promote your music?
Blogs. Blogs. Blogs. Music blogs have helped me gain a lot of attention, followers and plays. Also seizing every opportunity possible from handing out personal business cards, social networking, and reaching out to online magazines. There’s always ways to gain some attention, you just have to be clever and do things everybody else is failing to do.

What is the greatest challenge you face in today’s entertainment business? How do you overcome them?
My greatest challenge was actually getting people to hear the noise and gain some recognition. I realized the primary way to get your media out to the public was by using media outlets. The internet is crazy nowadays and almost anything you need done is right at your fingertips.

How is the music scene like in your hometown? What do you like about it and what don’t you like?
The music scene back home in Memphis is crazy. Everybody produces or raps or knows somebody that knows somebody. You can always meet people that can help guide you, but that’s also the bad thing in Memphis too. So many people want to make it themselves that it keeps them from wanting to help the next person. The hate is real.

Where do you think the future of music is going to be? How do you feel artists can be more a part of it?
The future of music is becoming more social. I feel like coming up becoming famous was almost taboo or was something exclusive. It’s so different now. If you have enough followers and the right buzz almost anybody can make a name for themselves. I feel like those doors are only going to open more for us as artists.

What advice can you give to other upcoming artists and musicians trying to achieve success?
I’d tell any up and coming artist that if this is what you want, don’t play with it. People don’t see what you want until you show them. Even then people won’t respect the fact that it’s something you want until they see you hustle, promoting yourself, investing your hard earned money into yourself. So if you want it, take it, or there will always be somebody else chasing that same dream.

What inspires you to write your next song?
My inspiration for songs can come from anything. From an argument or a fight to some good ass food. Everything I’ve experienced in life molds a story that’s worth telling; you just have to tell it to the right people who care or can relate.

What are the steps you take to make a song?
I format a song depending on the idea it stems from. They are real, catchy, and something I can see myself putting on my playlist not just because it’s me but because it’s something I can see me and my people turn up too. Your music isn’t shit if you can’t bump it within the middle of a kick back or while chilling with your homies.

What do you think makes a great song?
Creativity. In a world where a lot of people have the same swag, it’s the creative music. The music that feeds the soul, those songs that you wake up and think “I need to hear this shit to get my day going.” That’s the type of music that’s gonna have longevity when the same wave all these rappers are riding die down.

Where can we connect with you? Can you give us your social media links and where we can contact you?
Official website: www.maddraxx.com
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/maddraxx
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MaddRaxx
Twitter: www.twitter.com/madd_raxx
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Madd_raxx