“We need our own industry in the midlands and with this Black Gypsy Gang sound it embodies the full essence and feel of the streets of Birmingham.”

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Skilly: Tell us where this all began. What is your history in the music scene?
King Lion Knox:
The love for the music stemmed from when was a young boy back in the 80’s. In the UK back then there was a big sound system scene where the amps used bulbs and the DJ organ speaker had enough bass to shake the place. I was fascinated with sound and I was hooked.

What are the best ways to promote yourself as an artist? Any tips you can give us?
In all honesty there is no answer I can give to this question as every artist’s climate is different. The thing I can say is that get to know your target audience and maximize social media. With the right look, placement, and branding you cannot only build your audience but also your brand awareness.

What do you ultimately want to become in your career?
The man who built the urban media and arts industry in my city as well as a worldwide brand.

What is the hardest thing about being in the music business?
Initially the hardest thing was getting my music out there. Now being independent that’s no longer an issue in that sense, yet the struggle kicks in competing with the bigger labels who have finances. Also finding a formula that works for you.

What is it like in your city? What is the music scene like, and how is it like living there overall?
My city is going through major regeneration projects. Things are looking up for Birmingham, UK. In terms of music, my city is a hot bed for talent yet we don’t get the exposure we deserve. We need our own industry in the midlands and with this Black Gypsy Gang sound it embodies the full essence and feel of the streets of Birmingham.

What are some of advice you can give and share to other artists who are still trying to come up?
This question is flattering as I wouldn’t class myself as someone that’s made it, although I’m now widely respected as an artist/creator genius madman half geek half gangster. My advice would be fuck everybody, fuck what they got to say, and do you. Don’t be like no one else, talk like no one else, and be you unique and different.

What is the best thing that’s ever happened in your career?
The best thing to ever happen in my career was releasing my first release myself of my own back. I felt such a sense of achievement. Checking all the online stores to see if I really was in the stores. Now I actually don’t need anybody. That was the best moment of my career so far.

What is your inspiration?
The possibility of changing the lives of my children and family, giving them a better standard of living.

Do you feel anyone can be successful now in today’s world of music?
Yes, most definitely 100 percent. With the way things are set in the new world and the resources available to the artists directly of course you can be successful. Your destiny is in your own hands.

Where can we find you on social media?
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCJA8fjbV2ogu_KcPoDD3p4w
Facebook: www.facebook.com/King-Lion-Knox-OBG-666-1612693349037708/?ref=bookmarks
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lionknox
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kinglionknox666