“The number one way is face-to-face interaction. Nothing beats moving around and actually meeting people and learning the particular sounds of an area.”

Check out the interview with Junya Cassinova exclusively on Skilly Magazine Online.

Skilly: Tell us where this all began. What is your history in the music scene?
Junya Cassinova:
I started off writing to beats in the sixth grade. I didn’t start recording anything until I was a freshman in high school. That’s around the same time that I started producing instrumentals myself. I always heard rap music everywhere I went. I feel like it’s a part of where I come from. I’m just a drop of the sea of creative and artistic inspiration in the area.

What are the best ways to promote yourself as an artist? Any tips you can give us?
The number one way is face-to-face interaction. Nothing beats moving around and actually meeting people and learning the particular sounds of an area. The internet has also been really helpful to me. There are several ways to get your music to areas that it would be extremely difficult without the help of online distribution.

What do you ultimately want to become in your career?
I want to become established enough to give back to my community. In the form of distribution and actual opportunities for artists in the area to become something and get paid, for what they enjoy doing.

What is the hardest thing about being in the music business?
The hardest thing for an independent artist in today’s industry is competing with the cash that a major label has to push a particular style or ideal or belief but that’s always the struggle.

What is it like in your city? What is the music scene like, and how is it like living there overall?
It’s very Southern there, honestly it’s beautiful in many ways. The music scene is lacking as far as opportunity and events to perform goes, but that’s why I do what I do. I can see the changes happening so I feel like regardless of whether or not I am the cause, things are happening and that’s fuckin awesome.

What are some of advice you can give and share to other artists who are still trying to come up?
“Keep pushing, the man who wins is the man that thinks he can.” – Earl Collins Sr.

What is the best thing that’s ever happened in your career?
Hands down the best thing that happened so far happened my first year in Austin, Texas. I was given the opportunity to perform at a couple venues during SXSW. I didn’t realize how big the festival was. My girlfriend was like, “Niggas out here try their whole life for something that you were offered out the gate.” It was a huge confidence boost.

What is your inspiration?
Freedom. True freedom. Not the artificial, recycled, history teacher regurgitated bullshit that the schools pump out. I’m inspired by the fact that everyone is on their first swing at life. I’m moved by the fact that we don’t even know why we’re here, but we are so we do shit.

Do you feel anyone can be successful now in today’s world of music?
Of course I do. All it takes is a couple words from the heart and a melody to move the soul.

Where can we find you on social media?
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCRQj3VW0y_FD4Y_CIIOqUvA
Facebook: www.facebook.com/junyacassinovacane