“Word of mouth … I’ve never had a marketing or branding budget so hitting the streets and social networking was my bread and butter.”

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Skilly: Where did this all start? Tell us about your journey in the entertainment business.
JS The Best:
I’ve been around music my whole life. My mother and father were in a band together and I was basically conceived on the road. My mother went on to be a solo artist while father continued with the band. I remember my dad used to let me get on the mic and rap during his bands groove sessions. The feeling I got from being on the stage and vibing with the crowd was like nothing I ever felt before.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for the young kids out there trying to do what you do?
Never give up on your dreams, practice like your life depends on it, always do your best, and never listen to haters.

What are some of the hardest challenges and tasks in your position?
Dealing with self-doubt. Being a musician’s not an easy thing to do. Building up enough courage to perform in front of people is very difficult. You’re basically opening yourself up for judgement and ridicule. I had to learn that when you step on that stage you can’t worry about if people are going to like you or not. Your job is to be yourself.

We all know the entertainment business is very tough, but what do you find is the best way to promote and advertise your music?
Word of mouth. You got to get out there and give people a reason to like you. I can only speak from an independent artist’s stand point because that’s all I’ve ever been. I’ve never had a marketing or branding budget so hitting the streets and social networking was my bread and butter.

Tell us about your city. How are the artists and the fans?
Having entertainers as parent means a lot of moving around. Most of my music career has been spent in the Tampa Bay area. It’s full of talented artists, from singers and rappers to dancers and actors. Everybody’s supportive of each other and we all like to have a good time so whenever there’s a local showcase it’s like a big networking event.

Where do you see yourself a year from today?
I see myself doing the same thing I’m doing now. Grinding and trying to reach new heights.

Who and what were your biggest inspirations? Who do you look up to in today’s world?
My parents have always been my biggest inspirations. Seeing them do their thing motivated me to want to do the same thing. Today my family’s my biggest inspiration. They mean everything to me so when I’m out there doing my thing I’m representing for them and hoping I make them proud.

How do you feel about the music coming out today? Do you like it?
Music’s organic you feel me? Forever growing. Forever changing. Forever getting better. I love it all, old and new, but I’m a die hard 80’s pop, 90’s hip hop and r&b fan. To me the 90’s are the golden age of our music.

Where can we contact you and find you online?
Official website: www.jsthebest.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/elev8teent
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KINGJSTHEBEST
Twitter: www.twitter.com/KINGJSTHEBEST
Instagram: www.instagram.com/JSTHEBEST1