“This business is so much more than what we see in the media and often times we discredit ourselves due to false expectations.”

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Skilly: Tell us where this all began. What is your history in the music scene?
Joni Brovo:
I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. Growing up I used to memorize all types of Tupac lyrics just to reuse them during 2nd grade rap battles. After 2013 I considered myself to be a professional recording artist. With the help of my brother and industry consultant, Jordan “Hustle” Everesley, I was able to perform on All Hip Hop’s official SXSW stage in 2014 as well as other major festivals such as A3C.

What are the best ways to promote yourself as an artist? Any tips you can give us?
The best advice I could give is to stay persistent, network like crazy, and never be afraid to invest yourself and your career goals. Promotion isn’t easy, but sooner or later people will recognize your efforts and no one can take credit for you when you’re self-made and humble.

What do you ultimately want to become in your career?
Ultimately my goal is to leave a permanent impact on the music industry and life itself. I know how it feels to listen to a song that can affect my entire outlook on a situation regardless of what it is. I want to continue to make art that my listeners can feel and when the opportunity presents itself I’d like to inspire, motivate, or simply be a part of a change.

What is the hardest thing about being in the music business?
The hardest thing about being in the music business is learning and executing the actual “business” aspect of things. As an artist I simply want to create art; however, as an Indie artist I find myself focusing more on marketing, PR, show schedules, video shoots, tour dates, etc.

What is it like in your city? What is the music scene like, and how is it like living there overall?
Chicago has been at the center of the hip hop scene since 2011. Artists such as Chief Keef, Lil Durk, G Herbo, and King Louie have attracted lots of attention to the city and its drill movement while artists such as Kanye West and Chance are ushering in what I would consider to be renaissance of newfound Chicago creativity.

What are some of advice you can give and share to other artists who are still trying to come up?
The best piece of advice I can give to other aspiring artists is to not give up on yourself. Know who you are, own your sound and your craft, and make good decisions. This business is so much more than what we see in the media and often times we discredit ourselves due to false expectations.

What is the best thing that’s ever happened in your career?
In 2014 I shared the All Hip Hop SXSW stage with Trinidad James, Young Thug, Snootie Wild, Rich Homie Quan, Mobb Deep, and the A$aP Mob. It was my first major performance and I was a huge A$aP Rocky fan. It was an honor to slay the stage, but even better my bros and I got to kick it with him and his crew and somehow ended up in a freestyle cypher.

What is your inspiration?
My uncle, Mike Love, is a Beach Boy and Rock n’ Roll Hall-of-Famer. At 78 years old he is still touring and feeding his family doing exactly what he’s loved to do since the 50’s. Because of him I have a tangible vision and my kids are the driving force behind all that I aim to accomplish.

Do you feel anyone can be successful now in today’s world of music?
Success is a state of mind. I feel as if anyone can be whatever they want in today’s world of music. Preps from the land of suburbia can emerge on YouTube as hardened gangster rappers and guys from where I come from can be touring Europe. What’s more important is staying true to who you are and where you come from. That is true success.

Where can we find you on social media?
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/Joni-brovo
Facebook: Joni Brovo
Twitter: @joni_brovo
Instagram: @joni_brovo
Snapchat: @lord_binky