Joe Budden appeared in court this week to plead guilty to disorderly conduct charges reports the New York Daily News.

The rapper was accused of robbing and assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Audely Robles. nearly two years ago; however, Budden was never indicted on the initial charges of robbery, grand larceny, and criminal obstruction of breathing after reaching a plea deal.

Following the judgement he took to Twitter writing, “After 1 year and 7 months, all domestic violence/grand larceny charges against me are dismissed… God is good… Let this be a lesson to all… Gotta watch these hoes… They’ll catch u up if u let’em”.

In August 2014 Robles claimed Budden slammed her head into the dashboard of a vehicle and dragged her out of a restaurant in a jealous rage after he saw pictures of her with other men. From there he allegedly drove to his New Jersey home and the beating continued. He would eventually deny the claims.

Budden has been accused of domestic violence by previous ex-girlfriends in the past including Esther Baxter and Gloria Velez.