“I think hip hop is still hip hop contrary to what naysayers think. The fact that something is misunderstood doesn’t mean it’s bad.”

Check out the interview with G$Money Da General exclusively on Skilly Magazine Online.

Skilly: How were you able to start your journey in the entertainment business? Where did this all start?
G$Money Da General:
I started rapping when I was 13, but really took it seriously by the age of 16. It was a group of us called Team Hardest and we just wanted to always have the best verse on whatever song we did together; that’s what made us better. I got exposure when I graduated high school, and I started deejaying. I ended up being able to spin my own records at the parties I worked.

What are some of the creative ways you use to promote your music?
Beside all the basic social media tactics, I also submit my music to any radio that will take it. I was recently artist of the week on Apollo Nights LA. Also networking through Soundcloud really helps. I’m a photographer as well as a graphic designer, so my creativeness is always creative.

What is the greatest challenge you face in today’s entertainment business? How do you overcome them?
The biggest challenge I would say is pushing good music through a lot of bad music. My music doesn’t sound like anything that’s out right now. I have my own sound which is rare to hear nowadays. I’ve found a way to kinda blend lyrical content with a style that’s marketable.

How is the music scene like in your hometown? What do you like about it and what don’t you like?
I’m from a small country town, but the music is large. I was inspired to rap by older cats in the hood named KCI and 1k. I have been living in Charlotte for the last 7 years and the scene out here is different. The only thing I don’t like is no one helps any one out; even natives will keep other natives down.

Where do you think the future of music is going to be? How do you feel artists can be more a part of it?
I think hip hop is still hip hop contrary to what naysayers think. The fact that something is misunderstood doesn’t mean it’s bad. All you really have to do is just be true to yourself with this music and you and your voice will last forever.

What advice can you give to other upcoming artists and musicians trying to achieve success?
Never give up, ever.

What inspires you to write your next song?
Life. The beat talks to me as well, like the vibes tell me where to think and pull from. The beat is kind of like my “storytelling compass.”

What are the steps you take to make a song?
I don’t have a set way exactly because I approach every song differently. Sometimes I let the energy from the beat guide my though my writing, or sometimes I’ll freestyle to a beat while driving to start the motor and finish in the studio. Sometimes I have concepts that I hold on to until I hear the right beat as well.

What do you think makes a great song?
Great songs = Good Content + structuring + catchiness.

Where can we connect with you? Can you give us your social media links and where we can contact you?
Official website: www.gmoneydageneral.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/gmoneydageneral
Instagram: @gmoneydageneral
YouTube: @gmoneydageneral
Facebook: @gmoneydageneralmusic
Twitter: @TheTrueGeneral