For years fans called for it. Now Drake is calling going public. a joint album with fellow Toronto artist The Weeknd. While sharing the stage with the singer at the 8th annual OVO Fest on Monday Aug. 7, 2017, Drake announced that their long-awaited collaborative project will happen.

“I don’t want to do this to you on stage,” he told The Weeknd. “But I feel like that OVOXO project has to happen at some point. I just want to say that.”

Back in November, The Weeknd mentioned the project during an interview on Beats 1. “He came in as my big bro and showed the world what I could do,” he said. “From then on, he’s always been supporting me and I’ve always been supporting him. Behind the scenes, we’re still very close but it’s cool that the world can see us doing our own thing. OVO/XO will always be there.”