“Blogs are the Source and XXL of the future. They are the best way to expose your sound and brand to the world.”

Check out the interview with Djchizzle Beatz exclusively on Skilly Magazine Online.

Skilly: Where did this all start? Tell us about your journey in the entertainment business.
Djchizzle Beatz:
I am Djchizzle Beats aka #grindseason. I’m from Springfield, MA. I DJ, rap, and produce music rooted in the classical hip hop culture. I feel like I am a new breed of artist because I am a mix of all three.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for the young kids out there trying to do what you do?
Don’t ever give up on your dream. You can do anything you put your mind to, you just have to want it enough. Desire is the fuel of dreams driving them to reality.

What are some of the hardest challenges and tasks in your position?
Getting people to take time and listen to what my music says to your soul.

We all know the entertainment business is very tough, but what do you find is the best way to promote and advertise your music?
Blogs are the Source and XXL of the future. They are the best way to expose your sound and brand to the world.

Tell us about your city. How are the artists and the fans?
My city is full of talented artists of all ages. I am proud to say I come from Springfield, Mass. Fans are some of the realist people from my city and keep me motivated to constantly improve and make new music.

Where do you see yourself a year from today?
In a position to perform at paying venues and opening up opportunities for more artists to get paid from performing.

Who and what were your biggest inspirations? Who do you look up to in today’s world?
Kanye West is a big inspiration for me. President Obama is a role model proving that anything is possible if you want it and go get it.

How do you feel about the music coming out today? Do you like it?
I love how hip hop is evolving and constantly changing. I believe I am a product of the constant change, a hybrid of sorts.

Where can we contact you and find you online?
Official website: www.djchizzle.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/djchizzle-beatz
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCMXEOgo2O3gofGtsgVOtBzw
Facebook: www.facebook.com/djchizzle.beatz
Twitter: www.twitter.com/1djchizzle
Instagram: www.instagram.com/djchizzle_beatz