Musician, entrepreneur and media owner Diddy tells us about Revolt and plans for future

By: Tori Green (Skilly Editor)

Hip hop mogul, entrepreneur and entertainer Sean “Diddy” Combs is no new-comer in multi media. With his launch of the Revolt TV network and impact that it’s been making in independent hip hop music is nothing less than a phenomenon.

Since the launch of his network, he was able to reach over 30 million homes across the United States. Everyone soon had a taste of Revolt and what it was about. The network serves as a primary base for independent music artists and music in general.

Revolt continues to support the legacy of good music across the world, helping and supporting new comers and heavy hitters in the entertainment industry. With direct to consumer marketing and engagement, there is nothing to stop Diddy and his success in participating in different categories of business, especially in his own lane of media.

Check out the interview with Diddy exclusively on Skilly Online.

How is it like starting from the bottom, now at the top?
Haha, I’m happy, it’s very important to take the first step and simply start. It is the most critical choice to make; to start. I started as an intern which was invaluable. I got the chance to understand every single aspect of business in the entertainment realm, and that’s priceless to me.

Where did your entrepreneurship start?
Well I’ve been working since I was age 12 and had always been an entrepreneur. I used to deliver a newspaper route. Then I worked at the gas station and restaurant. I sold lemonade to people during summer. I just have been working all my life and that’s what separates me. Work hard and create opportunities for yourself, you cannot lose.

What are the key features of a successful entrepreneur?
You cannot be scared. You have to stay hungry and work hard without making any excuses on why something cannot be done. Invest in the people around you. You can’t be scared to make a mistake. A successful entrepreneur is always learning more and getting smarter every single day. You must stay focused. Take time to celebrate after hard work you know. If order for you to succeed, you have to have fun doing it. Hire people who are smarter than you.

How are you able to manage all your companies flawlessly?
I have my trained staff and associates to run things when I’m not around. It allows me to do the things I need to do. Simple as that.

Tell us about your contributions for young entrepreneurs.
There is such a large population of young entrepreneurs right now. Most of them are all under 30 and they are powerful, strong and fearless. I simply want to provide the jobs and education to take them to the next level in life.

What is the current situation with Revolt TV?
With Revolt, we don’t just want to be a regular TV network. We want to be a pure music entity. We want to showcase a lot of the newer artists, the ones who are homeless and are coming up. We are opening doors for the next generation of artists and investing in them. This is not about Diddy, it’s about the artists. We are going to go viral and all from word of mouth and genuine interest, not just television hype and press.

What is the end result planned for Revolt?
We are going to be like the CNN of music televsion, or Fox, or ESPN. We want people to know this is what we do, and this is who we are.

If you could go back in time and see yourself, what would you say to yourself?
I would tell myself to work harder in smarter ways. To be more efficient when doing things, and making the most impact on the moves I make. I have always been a hard worker, but it’s important to let myself know to be smarter at the same time.

What networks do you turn to for your digital content?
I consume my content personally through social conversations. I need things to be live, and I need to be a part of it immediately. Revolt TV is going to be just like that. People are going to need Revolt in their systems.

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