“If you’re out there recording your music at your house or your friend’s house, making beats, playing any kind of instrument, and you love music don’t let anything distract you from your dreams.”

Check out the interview with Ozzy of Cloud Nine exclusively on Skilly Magazine Online.

Skilly: How were you able to start your journey in the entertainment business? Where did this all start?
Ozzy of Cloud Nine:
Growing up I just became in love with music. My friends and I used to skateboard a lot and we would always joke around and rap. In 8th grade I started writing raps in school and recording music with some of my friends, but then we drifted apart. It really didn’t become such a serious thing until I got in high school. Cloud Nine is Ben, Saad, and I.

What are some of the creative ways you use to promote your music?
There’s always new ways to get creative and promote music. My group is Cloud Nine ~Fly or Die~. We’ve made exclusive handshakes, hand signs, and I even DJ so when I’m on I try to slip in a song or two.

What is the greatest challenge you face in today’s entertainment business? How do you overcome them?
There are tons of challenges and obstacles in the entertainment business. The hardest one today is probably getting recognition for your work and getting people attracted to your music. I just try to get my name out there and I do everything by myself.

How is the music scene like in your hometown? What do you like about it and what don’t you like?
The music scene in my hometown is pretty cool, but it’s really underground. There’s only a couple coffee shops that have open mics and only a couple places that throw parties and have live music. If we had more opportunity and more places to showcase ourselves and the music we make, maybe we could’ve made it to new places by now.

Where do you think the future of music is going to be? How do you feel artists can be more a part of it?
I think the future of music is going to be a little mix of everything. Some of my biggest idols are from the psychedelic rock era and I’ve sample some of their music in my music today. In order to become a part of the future of music and keep it in the right direction, we just have to follow our love for music and stay true to the legends.

What advice can you give to other upcoming artists and musicians trying to achieve success?
If you’re out there recording your music at your house or your friend’s house, making beats, playing any kind of instrument, and you love music don’t let anything distract you from your dreams. Just stay focused and try to reach places you haven’t seen before. Success can be just around the corner.

What inspires you to write your next song?
I always stay inspired by the artists I listen to, the places I go, the people I hang out with. I’m always writing songs. When I want to sit down and write a song, I just need to get in my zone. Most the time I smoke weed, put on some great music from the 60’s or 70’s, open my mind, and see where it takes me.

What are the steps you take to make a song?
A lot of people find the beat then sit down and write. I can’t do that. Normally I’ll be at work or school or wherever I happen to be and lyrics just come to me. I go ahead and write them down. After that, I’ll go search for a beat or see if anyone can give me one. Once I get the beat, I’ll try my verses and hooks on it. Then I’ll get in the booth and record it.

What do you think makes a great song?
What makes a great song is wordplay and great rhymes. It has to flow really smoothly, but be well thought out. Something that isn’t too simple, but simple enough to not become misunderstood. A great song is a song that you put everything into and it takes up a lot of your time because you need to get it right.

Where can we connect with you? Can you give us your social media links and where we can contact you?
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/cloudnineflyordie
YouTube: Cloud 9 Fly or Die
Snapchat: cloud-nined
Twitter: @Cloud9FlyorDie
Instagram: @cloud.nined
Tumblr: cloud-nined
Musicislifecloudnine@gmail.com | Isaiah.t.stanford@gmail.com