2 Chainz screaming “tru” all the time has inflamed notable incarcerated rapper C-Murder. After all, he and his brothers, Master P and Silkk The Shocker, had a group called T.R.U. in the 90’s.

The New Orleans rapper called out 2 Chainz recently via a track titled “2 Stainz” labeling himself the originator of the “TRU” movement.

“I’m the realest n*gga to ever wear a TRU chain, this goes out to that bitch n*gga, 2 Chainz / You could never be me cuz you’re too lame, I’ll pop you in the chest and make 2 Stainz,” C-Murder raps.

2 Chainz heard about he diss taking to Instagram to respond and seemed to be amused by the whole situation. “Man, my partner just notified me that C-Murder made a diss song about me. That’s hard as f*ck. C-Murder always been hard as f*ck. True,” 2 Chainz says.

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