By: Neil Jabrili

Buying YouTube views is a very gray area in the music industry. It’s a very small niche for businesses, but extremely popular when dealing with musicians. It’s actually a very common practice even with major recording companies when promoting a big PR campaign.

Having to run PR campaigns for artists around the world, I found that buying YouTube views could boost their promotional campaigns by 40% on average. That is a huge spike! This is why boosting yourself on YouTube as well as other social media in general can benefit your music career.

It increases your stats online as well as YouTube

Fresh Music Promotions, a popular YouTube promotion service for artists, revealed that as much as 75% of the people that are on the Billboard 100 have actually boosted views using these services to buy VEVO and regular YouTube views.

It helps you get on other blogs and websites

When you have more views on your video, other blogs and websites are more inclined to help you promote it. Big websites and blogs do not feature videos that have no interaction and views. They want to ride the wave of your hype.

It helps rank you higher on YouTube

YouTube digests all the video content daily and sometimes even hourly to suggest videos to other viewers. Videos that have more views tend to get suggested more, so having a higher number of views will get you seen even more by other viewers who don’t know you yet, which is awesome!

It helps rank you higher on Google

Fresh Music Promotions website states that when you have real organic views and interaction on your video, Google will also mark it as a more important source, and will show higher on search results. This is also very important when people are searching for you on search engines.

Labels and companies will take you more seriously

Let’s face it, no one takes an artist with no views and no fans seriously. It just shows they’ve taken the time to create the music, but did not care to promote it. Promotion and marketing is the chunk of the music business. People care for numbers and status. Your first impression is everything.

Your friends and family will take you more seriously

Fresh Music Promotions also told us recently that a survey showed that the majority of artists who purchased YouTube views from them wanted to impress their friends, family and fans. And also they wanted more girls to be attracted to them. And I completely agree. Your family and friends will always want to know how serious you are taking your career, and it doesn’t hurt to promote yourself during a date!

Where do I go to purchase YouTube promotions?

Fresh Music Promotions is of course my preferred vendor for my own artists because as far as I know, they are the only ones to actually deliver real organic views in full. They are also the one company I know that strictly promotes only music and artists.

Major and independent labels frequently use Fresh Music Promotions when promoting their videos and they have been delivering this service since 2007. The prices are also very fair compared to other companies and services, and they fully deliver. As a musician myself, Fresh Music Promotions is what I personally use as well.

You can visit Fresh Music Promotions here: