“Keep in mind in this digital internet world, you’re going to be leaving behind, something that will not be forgotten, that’s if you truly have quality good music.”

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SKILLY: Tell us where this all began, how did you get in the music scene?
B.F: It all began, to make a long story short, in one of my older cousins’ back room in Toronto, Ontario when I was a teen. As time progress and I developed and I started to get out more, after I moved back to Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia I started working with a well known, former Canadian hip-hop artist and producer, from the late 80’s early 90’s known as M.C J and COOL.G. After time went on and the Blow_Flyy team kept working, I then secured my first online mag/blog interview with Scope Magazine in 2010. My first full-length studio album called “IT’S LIKE I GOT A SET OF WINGS” we just did whatever we could with the budget we had to promote & market as an independent artist. GJmanagement Online Promotions, an online artist management and promo company started by one of my older cousins Gary Johnson Jr, have been working diligently, along with myself to build the Blow_Flyy brand to the great online presence it has today and I’ve been going ever since with my second studio album called “BORN TO DREAM” released Nov 2015 after my first studio album called “ITS LIKE I GOT A SET OF WINGS” released between 2010 & 2012 and now it feels great to be  now working on my third studio project to be released  later sometime this year 2018.

What are the best ways a young artist can start to build their brand like you did on the world wide web as an artist? Any tips you can give us?
If an artist truly love and believe, in the gift that god gave you keep going, don’t stop, keep doing what you love until you can’t, that’s how I feel, keep in mind in this digital internet world, you’re going to be leaving behind, something that will not be forgotten, that’s if you truly have quality good music, I just kept motivated and going until you see more progress, when you learn as much as you can about the real workings of the music industry and apply what you learned, invest in yourself as I do and did, the more I gave, the more I got back, the more I believe in & praised God, he started to open the way for me in this music industry, so whatever higher powers you believe in, along with learning, working hard investing in yourself apply it to your dream and goals.

Besides money, what do you ultimately want to achieve in your career?
Beside making money off my passion, my ultimate goal is to plan a seed within my family to strive for your goals, work hard for what you love to do, and know your worth ultimately. Careerwise, use this music platform to do other things, get into other businesses and charity ventures, win some accolades and be known worldwide.

What do you find is the hardest thing as an independent artist without a large budget about being in today’s music business?
The hardest thing about being an independent artist without a big financial backing is working, taking care of family, paying bills and then having a budget to go towards my music career, setting aside a certain amount of money after taking care of my family, for the promotion, album cover, photoshoots, merch, and etc. You have to take all that into account and more. Today’s music business independent artists have to learn and wear a lot of hats.

What was it like when you performed live in Toronto twice and how was it when you lived there? What’s the music scene like in your birth city of Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and how’s it like living there overall?Performing live in Toronto, when I did was lit! I feel I put on a great show, that night I feel good on stage, I moved to Toronto when I was 8 years old, to Scarlettwood court, a housing project in Etobicoke west end of Toronto. Me and my mother had hard times living there because of a lot of shootings and murders. Sad to say but my mother worked hard to get us out of there, but with my music I represent myself along with my birth city of Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where I started to mature and grow, to live in Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, it’s more chill, but things do happen, it’s a city where we have the largest indigenous black community in Canada where my family is from. For generations, a lot of people don’t know but a lot of free slaves, black loyalists have come here. A lot of African-Canadian family and community’s all across Nova Scotia, the first black women viola Desmond is on the Canadian $10 bill so overall it’s beautiful.

What are some of advice you can give and share to other young artists who are still trying to build there brand and come up?
What you put in is what you get out of it. And keep learning about the industry, promoting and marketing the best you can and surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive towards you and your goals in the entertainment field or any other career dream you might have.

So far, what’s the best thing that’s happened in your career?
The best thing which happened so far in my music career, that’s a hard one, just the opportunity to be interviewed by Skilly Magazine, it’s another opportunity for me, it’s another best moment in my career, if you understand where I am coming from, if it’s anything that can help me promote and market my brand, it’s the best!!.

What is your inspiration as an independent artist without big financial backing very little at times, to continue putting out quality good music?
It’s a gift from a higher up. Why let it go to waste, I say to myself all the time. I don’t want to be that guy saying I shoulda, coulda, woulda when I can just try and give it my all. The financial backing does not bother me. The only thing I can focus on right now is putting out great quality music with the tools at hand and just use the budget and tools my team comes up with.

As an independent artist with a few accomplishments so far, with an established online brand, THE BLOW_FLYY Brand, do you feel other independent young artists starting out can be successful now in today’s world of music?
Yes, why not, if young artists apply themselves, continually learn about the music business, and use the modern day tools and technology along with the platforms that are available, they can have some level of success. We live in a country of opportunity. It’s happening now, young independent artists seeing some form of success in their music careers on the internet and certain music and media platforms. This is today’s word of music with the interview, cellphones and other types of digital technology, online and mobile platforms, not yesterday’s when independent artists had to know the way of reaching worldwide music listeners with their music for minimal cost.

Where can we find you on social media?
Music listeners and potential fans can find me at the following links:

#1. http://noisetrade.com/blowflyy
#2. https://www.audiomack.com/artist/blow-flyy
#3. https://www.orfium.com/profile/blow_flyy
#4. https://www.facebook.com/BLOWFLYY/
#10. http://www.bainil.com/BLOW_FLYY
#11. https://fanburst.com/blow_flyy