“I want to build a platform in the music industry and become an artist that can help someone steer clear of the obstacles in life that I may have been through or had the fortune to bypass.”

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Skilly: Tell us where this all began. What is your history in the music scene?
I knew as a child I would be an artist. I sang and played instruments in the children’s choir in church. I’m from N. Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Dallas, Texas where I saw the underground music scene was very active; much more than my hometown. During high school I was going back and forth and began to be more and more serious about my music. I was networking and writing songs by this time.

What are the best ways to promote yourself as an artist? Any tips you can give us?
Word of mouth will always be the most simplest and effective way to promote yourself. Also having a team will always be a key part of promotion. Social media is fastest growing and easiest way to promote also. The best tip I can give anyone is to do what you love and enjoy doing it.

What do you ultimately want to become in your career?
I want to build a platform in the music industry and become an artist that can help someone steer clear of the obstacles in life that I may have been through or had the fortune to bypass. Especially the kids and young people. I want them to know that they can be anything in life that they want to be if they are willing to work hard for it.

What is the hardest thing about being in the music business?
The hardest thing for some people is just to get started, especially if they don’t know anyone in music. Another thing is having the money to buy equipment or get studio time and things of that nature.

What is it like in your city? What is the music scene like, and how is it like living there overall?
The underground music scene in my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas is steadily growing and doing more and more big things. Where I have been living in Dallas, Texas the underground and major music scene is always going. I like the music scene here and having lived here a while I have networked and made many key connections in my music career.

What are some of advice you can give and share to other artists who are still trying to come up?
There is no substitute for hard work and dedication. You can’t be afraid to meet and introduce yourself to people. Be professional as possible. Always be humble enough to accept advice or criticism and use it effectively in your music career.

What is the best thing that’s ever happened in your career?
Being able to travel and doing something that I love professionally has been the most rewarding thing that has happened in my music career.

What is your inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is the fact that I have my freedom and I’m healthy enough to do what I do because there are numerous people that don’t have the chance or opportunity that could have had so much potential and others that may have certain illnesses and diseases, even some not alive anymore. I’ve had life threatening experiences myself.

Do you feel anyone can be successful now in today’s world of music?
Today it may be harder to become successful than in the not too distant past, even though in today’s music it is constantly shifting and more and more new artist are emerging on the major music industry scene.

Where can we find you on social media?
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/501MAXX
Facebook: www.facebook.com/501MAXX
Twitter: @501MAXX
Instagram: @501MAXX
Snapchat: @ Official501MAXX