#5. How do they present their client(s) on social media?

Social media is a huge thing, it’s the best way to promote yourself as an artist or director. Check out your potential director on social media for some extra research. Every director does it differently which is perfectly fine. They may not promote their client at all, and I’m sure they have a very good reason for it.

If you look on my Instagram @25EightFilms, you’ll see b-rolls, stills, and previews from my clients. If I post stills of them, it’ll would be three of the best looking shots of the final version of their music video. That way when my followers see my posts, they see how cool my video looks and how dope my client looks in the picture. That attracts them to watch that specific video.

There’s so many artists out there. When potential clients choose me to do their music video (even if it’s their first music video), I want to instill a sense of importance in them. I want to help  them stand out from other artists out there. I try to give them a memorable experience, then capture that for my Instagram.