#4. How’s the use of locations?

Nowadays, you’ll see people shooting videos at liquor stores, the projects, the park, the mall, rooftops, schools, parking garages, ETC. Anywhere that is easily accessible, which  is fine, I shot at all of those places haha. But what I mean by use of locations is, does the director make the location look better than what it looks like in person?

Many people  have told me that I make the simplest places look dope, which is a major key in making  music videos in my opinion. Going back to the Tommy FBC music video, one of the scenes is at a convention center. I positioned him in front of large windows with a well lit walkway inside while he was on the outside in the darkness. That shot gave the video a mischievous look that Tommy and I wanted, which came out really dope.

Another example was when I did a video for a group called Livin Wild from East Palo Alto. The  song was a remix to the March Madness song by Future. Once they sent me the song I  immediately thought of going crazy with the editing. I just didn’t have any special locations to do it. So, I made use with what I had which was a cluttered garage, a tunnel, and parking garage. These are all average locations, but what made the video look so dope was the fact that I made each location look 100 times crazier than what it really was.