#3. How’s the editing?

First, check to see if the videographer is also the one that edits the video as well. A big thing then is to look at is their editing. Editing, Editing, Editing! You can have the best lighting, props, women, and actors, but that doesn’t mean the final version of the music video will be hot. I edit everything myself, no one has ever touched my videos besides me because there’s a vision that I have for each video, and it’s my job to edit the video perfectly to  bring that vision to life.
For example, I shot a video for a client named Tommy FBC who  wrote the song “Owe Me.” I shot it in my hometown San Jose, CA. That is probably one of my favorite music videos because we both had the same vision on how the video should look. Once I began to edit the video, it was lights out because I made sure each and every cut from scene to scene was perfect. The color correction was on point, the exposure was clean, and I made his body flow throughout the video just right making it pleasing to the eye.
Another reason why I love that video is because Tommy FBC is from Baltimore, but the video was shot in San Jose. As I was listening to the song I realized he says “My Own City.” So as an editor I knew there was something I can put in  the video to spice it up a bit when he said those words. So I got some stock drone footage of Downtown Baltimore to throw in the video. Obviously people know that I didn’t fly all the way to Baltimore to capture that, but being that I was able to include that stock foo