#2. How’s the directors hospitality?

I was in retail for about 6 to 7 years which taught me a lot about customer service. Once I quit my last job to be a full time videographer, I brought everything that I was taught into my own business. I like to make my clients happy and satisfied with my service and most importantly the final product.

Many directors have their own way of creating music videos which is fine. I’m not knocking anything they do. However, I feel like it’s a good  idea to put yourself in the clients shoes and ask what they would like to see in their music  video.

Some artists have really good ideas for the video, but if their ideas get shot down and don’t see the light of day, it might discourage them. So far, I haven’t  gotten any complaints and everyone is always happy with the outcome (knock on wood). But if my clients want me to come up with my own ideas, I’m always happy to do that as well.