Music video director and videographer Adrian Aguaristi takes us through his world of video production, bringing light for artists who are seeking the best videographer for their needs.

As a professional music video direction, Adrian has gone through the in’s and out’s of the business as well as the art. Skilly and Adrian carefully hand chose the top five questions all artists should ask themselves before making any moves on hiring a quality director / producer.

The music industry is ever changing, and a large part of that change transcends upon the visual artistry behind the music. It’s all about the image and Adrian knows what brings the best results in this new era.

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#1. How is the director’s/videographer’s progress, watch their first video, then the mid, then last.

As a Director, I put love into every music video I make. I find myself doing my homework, researching, and brainstorming on how to make my videos look better than my  previous ones.
If an artist is looking for someone to do their next music video, they should go to their potential videographer/director and watch their first music video, the half point video, and then latest video. See if they have made any great progress, and look to see if the videos get better and better.