Skilly Magazine presents our top 3 websites every music artist needs to use for their career by James Rosenberg.

1.) MP3Tag

mp3 tag

It’s crazy how unprofessional artists can be with their MP3’s. MP3’s that are not tagged properly with their names, album covers and MP3 information is quick to get rejected in any professional music facility. MP3Tag is a free software that lets any artist easily add a cover image and all track information that a professional MP3 should have.

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I will say this again! Promoting your social media profiles is a BIG part of music success. Artists with larger amounts of views and followers are 97% more successful! is a must use for all artists who wants to get more YouTube views and Facebook fans.

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Do not sleep on Craigslist! It is one of the biggest and FREE promotion tools any artist can have! If you are not posting your music on the “musicians” section, you are missing out on thousands of potential fans and listeners DAILY! One of my clients is gaining a consistant 200+ new likes on her Facebook page per day from Craigslist! Think about that!

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