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Are you failing at releasing your album? Are you not getting sales and exposure? Are you not getting the same results as other successful artists?

Do not worry! Most artists don’t either. Did you know the majority of independent artists sell less than 20 copies of their album? That is the sad truth. It’s not because their music sucks, but it’s because they don’t know how to properly work and promote their albums and singles during a successful launch period.

The 16 Week Album Release Formula is a different approach to record releases that successful labels use to gain momentum, attract new fans and GET SALES!

The 16 Week Album Release Formula includes:

  • Get more sales and get your career jumping!
  • 8 things all artists need before they start their run
  • Reach press and magazines THE RIGHT WAY to get featured
  • What obstacles to avoid. Save money by not making these mistakes
  • Secret websites to promote your music that most artists don’t know about
  • Successfully target and reach major labels with your music
  • Much more!

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