Step 12.) Use Craigslist

nicki[1]This is virtually a untapped market that I’ve seen have been extremely effective for musicians. You can post your music video link in the musicians section for people to check out. Craigslist has millions of people going through their ads every single day, it is a guaranteed hit. It would be a very smart idea to hire a Craigslist ad poster to do the task for you so you can get it in every single city, you will be guaranteed to see results from this 100%. All these methods; I honestly see them rarely being used. There is a chance that any one of the these methods can bring you success and turn your video viral. As I stated, these methods will bring your success rate ten fold without a doubt, and using these methods compared to not using them definitely has a huge difference as I have seen in my years of promoting music videos. Even if you have a old video that is sitting around, you can still use these formulas and get your video where it needs to be.












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